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Fire Arms

Our Tactical Firearm Instruction program ranges from teaching the basics of firearm safety and foundational skill sets to more advanced concepts and technique. We teach a broad spectrum of tactical firearm use that is helpful for both beginner and advanced students.

NOTE: You must also be legally allowed to own and operate a firearm to participate! All training is for lawful self-defense and/or recreational purposes only! We reserve the right to refuse training to anybody based upon our strict selecting criteria.

We view tactical firearm training as a natural extension/progression from unarmed and armed with impact and edge weapons martial arts training. Both beginners and experienced shooters are welcome.

Training usually begins with a portion of “dry fire” drills with unloaded weapons, airsoft and laser replicas, etc. before participating in live fire drills. Live fire exercises are performed at a secondary facility.

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We teach a broad spectrum of tactical firearm use, including but not limited to:

  • safety

  • grip

  • proper storing for child safety

  • carry positions

  • draws from any carry position

  • draws with the off hand

  • trigger control

  • use of the sights, body and other aiming devices

  • movement with the gun

  • ground engagement and disengagement

  • ground movement

  • gun retention

  • maintaining your line of fire

  • moving people out of the way

  • secondary party protection techniques

  • efficient use of cover

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