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About Greg Mihovich.

Greg has over 30+ years of experience in numerous training methods. He has studied under the best of the best in their respective fields and is a an expert at crafting training plans to best fit the needs and goals of his students. Read about some of his education and certifications below. 

Education & Certifications

Reactive Mobility Certified Representative, under Coach Steve Pucciarelli

Former Senior RIKR Advisor/Coach, elite military and special operations physical preparation training program

Kettlebell Training & Pioneer in the USA 

Renegade Training Strength & Conditioning Specialist, under Coach Davies

Suples Bulgarian Bag Instructor, under Coach Mike Salemi 

Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, under Masters Jon Heliotis and Adimir Olivera


Gracie Survival Tactics Law Enforcement Instructor, under Gracie Ju Jitsu Clan


Muay Thai Instructor, under Master Dmitry Piasetsky


Extreme Self-Protection Instructor, under Coach Mark Hatmaker


Combat Systema Instructor, under Master Kevin Secours


Knife and Stick Fighting Instructor, under Master Barry Cudda


Panantukan (Dirty Boxing) Instructor, under Master Dan Sullivan

Full Spectrum Warrior Firearms Instructor, under Navy SEAL Veteran Rich Graham


Condition Gray Firearms Instructor (counter-terrorism training and consulting agency) 

Law Enforcement Night Vision Instructor, under Bill Blowers

Red Dot Pistol Instructor for Law Enforcement, under Evolution Training Solutions


Low Light Engagement Instructor for Law Enforcement, under Evolution Training Solutions


SOAR Rescue Graduate, Special Operations Aid & Rescue Medical Training


NRA Pistol Instructor

Full Time Professional Coach since 2001


Published Author across many publications, such as Onnit, My Mad Methods, Physical Living, Underground Strength Coach, Recoil Off Grid and others, on topics of Functional Fitness, Mobility, Martial Arts, Firearms and Survival


Author of  “Compound Conditioning System”, “Animal Conditioning Bodyweight System”, “Combat Acrobatic Training System” and many other Instructional Video Series and Training Manuals


Co-Author of “Combat Mobility System: Comprehensive Guide to Efficient Movement with Firearms”, along with Rich Graham, Navy SEAL Veteran


Author of Muay Thai Kickboxing video encyclopedia for the Striker’s Guide


Former extensive competitive experience in Muay Thai, Boxing, San Da, Kickboxing, Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Grappling


Has taught over 95 Workshops Nationally and 15 Internationally


Has trained many Law Enforcement Agencies

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